Success with CIMcloud Putting CIM To Work For You

2021-06-11 03:18:59


CIMcloud has a proven approach for helping customers reach their Customer Interaction Management goals as they progress through the key stages of their journey - Getting Connected, Implementation, Live Roll-Out and ongoing Platform Support.

Getting Connected Image

Getting Connected

During the first stage, Getting Connected, CIMcloud will deploy a standard instance of the platform for your organization and establish the connection between your Sage 100 system and CIMcloud. You will focus on assembling your Core Team, completing your Deployment Prerequisites and completing the self-service Manager & Lead Implementer Onboarding.

Implementation Image


The second stage, Implementation, consists of those activities that you are able to complete on your own, Self-Service Implementation, and, if you have chosen to engage them as part of your project, optional services provided by the CIM Professional Services Group or a third-party implementation partner.

Live Roll-Out Image

Live Roll-Out

The next stage, Live Roll-Out, is when you begin the cycle of promoting, onboarding and training your customers and employees on the CIMcloud platform. As you receive feedback and make adjustments, you will continue to focus on growing usage and adoption of the platform.

Platform Support Image

Platform Support

CIMcloud’s team of support professionals are just a click away if you have questions or need technical assistance. In addition to working to ensure your platform is always-on and always-ready, they can also connect you with the CIM Professional Services Group when you are ready to activate and deploy new functionality.