Do you suffer from order re-keying syndrome (ORKS)? 

Ok, so we made that up.

But order re-keying is something that thousands of B2B businesses struggle with on a daily basis.  If you're still taking orders manually, then paying someone to enter these orders into your Sage 100 ERP, you're most likely holding your company back from sales opportunities and higher profits.  

Today's B2B customers are more computer-savvy than ever. With the right tools, you can give your customers the purchasing options they need and want, while simultaneously drastically cutting the time and money spent on processing each order.

Imagine a world...

...where e-commerce orders flow directly into your Sage 100 system

...where your customers have the product data and complex configuration tools they need to place orders online

...where your sales reps are able to focus on growing your business instead of data entry and never-ending product questions.

Say goodbye to outdated sales processes, and catch up to the competition with ERP-integrated e-commerce from CIMcloud. 

Watch the video on the right to learn more about one of our customers, and how e-commerce revolutionized their business:


B2B Customers Demand More

Give your B2B customers the ability to:

  • Login to their own account on your website
  • View and pay invoices 
  • View previous order and payment history 
  • Manage account information
  • Browse and shop products anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • See their specific pricing, products, shipping options, and payment methods
  • Manage and track shipments 
  • Submit returns and exchanges

Fully Integrated with Sage 100

Did we mention that all of the above are automatically entered into your existing Sage 100 ERP accounting software?

That means no more re-keying. Ever.

We've solved these challenges for hundreds of businesses like yours with our customer self-service portals and e-commerce platform. Sound too good to be true?

CIMcloud customer Instone was able to repurpose half of their Inside Sales/Customer Service team after implementing our customer portal (play video on right):


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