“If you're a Sage customer, I don't know why you'd go with anyone else.

Ken Rudny, Computer Operations Mgr. , Skyjack

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An experienced partner matters

"I did look at other companies, and if you're a Sage customer, I don't know why you would go with anyone else."

They know your ERP system. They understand your ERP system. They know how to get it to do what you want it to on a web presence." 

Straight from the customer into Sage

"Our customers don't want to call us to put in orders, they don't want to fax in orders. Wherever they are, they want to put in the order, and have it just be done.

"Today, our website handles 1/3 of our orders. No mistakes on order entry, and it goes from the customer straight into our system, out to the pickage floor, and it's shipped off.

Your customers demand more

"We had an old philosophy where you put up a website and it's good forever. Today, that's not the case. Websites change, they move, they advance.

"For us to get more out of our website - and our customers to get more out of website - we had to move to somebody that would."

"They couldn't look up an invoice. They couldn't pay an invoice. They couldn't see a picture of a product. They couldn't see their credits. They couldn't do anything on our site except put in an order. That's not what people want to do today. People want all of their information, available to them right now."