Professional Services CIMcloud 2020

CIMcloud's Professional Services Organization provides world-class resources with experience you can count on to help your organization meet the objectives of your broader e-commerce program.

Success With CIMcloud

CIMcloud’s Customer Success and Professional Services teams offer a broad range of implementation, orientation, support, and additional technical & strategic services to support your organization's successful implementation of CIMcloud.

Whether you are starting with Small Business Edition and the Sage 100 Starter Connect option or you are preparing for a nationwide rollout with the Enterprise Edition, CIMcloud offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs.


Every CIMcloud Purchase 

CIMcloud’s Customer Success team supports every CIMcloud customer in two key areas.  First, the Customer Success team offers standard assistance designed to help you and your organization successfully implement the CIMcloud platform and get orientated with the standard configuration.  Second, the Customer Success team will provide live site support throughout your journey as a CIMcloud customer.  Every CIMcloud purchase includes:

  • Standard Implementation of the Platform
  • Standard Implementation of the ERP Sync
  • Standard Orientation
  • Onboarding Support Through CIMcloud’s Ticketing System
  • Ongoing Live Site Support

Options For Supporting Your eCommerce Program

Implementation of the CIMcloud platform is generally the first step in implementing your broader eCommerce program.  When you choose CIMcloud, you have the option to get additional expert help through partner agencies, freelancers or CIMcloud’s Professional Services Organization.

The nature and extent of the help you choose to engage is typically based upon a broad range of criteria including the scope of your broader eCommerce program, the scope and timeline of your individual eCommerce projects, the expertise and availability of resources within your organization and your organization’s budget and timeline.


CIMcloud Professional Services 

CIMcloud Professional Services is a team of full-time, US-based, English-speaking experts, including Client Partners, Project Managers and Coordinators, Consultants, Solution Architects, Software Developers, Designers, and ERP-Integration Specialists, that are available to help you design, implement, customize, support, and upgrade your CIMcloud platform.   

All CIMcloud Professional Services are billed hourly and the CIMcloud Professional Services team offers everything from fully planned and managed platform replacement projects to on-demand help with the smallest upgrades. Typical services include:

  • CIM Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Program Management Support
  • Project Planning Support
  • Project Management Support
  • Custom Development & Support
  • Custom Design
  • User Training & Adoption Coaching