We are going to hit a major milestone in sales this year, and we could not have gotten there without the work Website Pipeline has done on our website.

Barry Gertner, Director of Information Systems, BGR

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A Partner Who Listens

"We spent about 6-9 months and hundreds of man-hours (with another vendor) trying to get a website out, and it wasn't going where we wanted it to.

The relationship that we've established with Website Pipeline is more of a partnership. 

They're listening to us."


ERP Integration Is Key

"It's an unbelievable integration. We're doing some things I truly didn't think were possible with the integration.

For us, the Website Pipeline team and the BGR team coming together is a perfect match."


Level The Playing Field

"Our approach was, 'Let's go after the big dogs.' 

Now, Wayfair has jumped on board and they're entering their own orders.

When they hear Wayfair is entering orders on our website, it's an easy sell."