CIMcloud CAREs For Your Business

No financial risk. Fast deployment.

A Limited Time Offer That Can Move Your Business Forward

Over the last two decades, CIMcloud has built our business by working with the small to medium sized businesses that have built our economy.  Today, we are re-doubling our commitment to organizations like yours by offering the industry's most powerful integrated Sage e-commerce solution with no upfront fees, reduced monthly fees and no long-term commitments.  At CIMcloud, we are dedicated to providing the tools your employees and your customers need to keep business moving forward.

Go Remote

As companies are faced with the reality of employees and customers working remotely, having access to the tools they need to conduct business is a mission critical objective.  With CIMcloud's Sage-integrated online platform, your company and your employees can quickly and easily access the business critical information and tools required to service customers.

Reduce Risk

As a small business ourselves, we at CIMcloud understand the importance of preserving cash during uncertain economic times.  This is why we are offering the Small Business Edition version of CIMcloud 2020 with NO UPFRONT fees, REDUCED MONTHLY fees and NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENTS. When time is of the essence, CIMcloud can get you back to work quickly.

Create Lasting Value

Many companies are currently facing a new reality where their employees are facing temporary, reduced workloads. When you implement CIMcloud, you can not only get your employees back to work faster but you can provide your team the opportunity to invest in a platform that can drive new business well into the future.  And, as your business grows, CIMcloud is ready to grow with you!

We Are Here & We Are Ready To Help

We are more committed than ever to keeping businesses moving forward. Although every business is unique, our entire organization has been working tirelessly to develop a solution that can help your company navigate today's economic environment.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about how we can assist you, please let us know.  We are here.  We are ready to help.

-The CIMcloud by Website Pipeline Team